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We Deserve The Crown!

Many times we convince ourselves to think we are ok or are making the right choices. But are we? Letting go of comfort may sometimes feel scary but isn't it more frightening living a lie? Yes, we may have all the luxuries that we think we've desired at times. However, we compromise by allowing others to fulfill their fantasies or desires and yet don't place that crown on our head. Why? Because it's easy to settle? Because we don't think we deserve anything better or because we or someone has convinced us that we can't do it on our own and rather have someone else fill that void or desire? I disagree, we deserve more than second best. We deserve more than a mere occasional gesture of endearment to make us think that we are important. We deserve THE CROWN. Don't allow others to entice you into temporary joy. We deserve full time joy, full time caring, full time "you are number one", full time ALL.. Ask, expect, demand because we are worth it and deserve it..