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Now It's Only You & Me

Now what? The kids are grown and have their own families.. now what? We need to unite and celebrate our “singlehood” from our kids. We need to unite and do all the things we dreamed about doing but could not do because the kids were always first. Are we strangers now? Do we not know each other now? Is there something missing? No…we should take this phase as a getting to know you phase. Getting to know each other deeper and learning about all those things we kept deep inside but could not exercise because we were selfless. I look at you and wish you could be like me.

You may look at me and wish I could be like you. We are strangers but yet so familiar. We love each other but don’t know why. We are comfortable with each other now but still want more from each other. What is it? How can we unravel this “thing”that we can’t understand. Why don’t I try harder and ignite your fire? Why don’t you try harder and ignite mine? Are we that comfortable? We spend all day with each other doing the practical things yet we don’t do anything outside the practical box.

Why? I don’t want to be the one asking. I want you to want to do the things we should be doing because you want to not because you want to please me. We have so much free time. Why aren’t we traveling. Why can’t you keep up with me. Why can’t I slow down and keep up with you? Am I scared? or is there something buried deep inside me that I’m scared of?

They come around often, yet somehow we are selfish at the same time, we want them to stay. We don’t visit them as often as we should. Why? They are grown, successful and happy… We did a great job. Yet we don’t want to spend more time with the fruit of our labor. Why? They are willing to do anything for us. Now they worry about us. They want us to be happy and active. They want us to enjoy our golden years, have fun, travel and enjoy ourselves. We should. You are a part of me and I’m apart of you. I missed you when you were not here. Now that you are here, I don’t understand your absence. We need to wake up…. Baby steps and we can change. Baby steps and we can enjoy each other more. Baby steps and we can learn to understand the new “us”. Let's make more memories. Let's not forget to live.