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Life experiences have a way of either exposing us or pushing us into hiding what we truly feel or want to do. We try to fit in at work, social functions or when we are sharing special moments with family members. The mask we tend to wear sometimes hides what we are truly feeling or want out of life. The mask we wear even confuses us at time that we forget what we’ve said or done. Why? Is it maybe because we may not want to make any waves or maybe because what is taking place, is not important to us but somehow may hold a benefit for us? So we wear our mask and simply go with the flow....for the moment.

We participate or allow ourselves to be led into situations that we know will not aid us in anyway or we may not truly want. Why? Is it because it is easier to put on that mask and pretend it is exactly what we want to hear or want to do? Is it because somehow that masked moment is better than our reality? Once that moment passes and there is

no one, no situation or reason to wear the mask we confront our true reality and we just can’t or don’t want to deal with the truth. Or is it because the fear of being totally naked without the protection of this mask is too much to handle and it is easier to wear it?

Yes it is true… from time to time we all wear a certain type of mask without even knowing. However, we have to take heed and not allow the temporary protection of this mask to become permanent, define who we are or determine what we want out of life.

Each day as we walk out into life, as we reach out for the mask to help us deal with different people or circumstances, let's be careful we don't make this a habit. The mask can sometimes lead us to engage in situations that without it, we would not think about entertaining and may drift us away from what truly matters in our lives.

Be true to yourself – expose your real spirit, beauty, gifts and desires which make you truly unique and shine!