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Are you ready to jump into the 2020 Ocean of possibilities?

2020 is right around the corner! Yikes!! Around this month we are thinking about what we will be doing in 2020. This is important but just as important is to reflect on 2019 and what you have done or did not do. Reflect on 2019 - take some time alone and think about how many wonderful things happened and also some of the challenges you faced.

What happened in 2019?

If you could write a book for what you did, experienced, faced, etc in 2019, what would the title be? Did you encounter interesting situations, people? did you travel, spend time with family? For me, one of my goals was to invest in property in a warm state. Honestly, I had my doubts. I focused and brushed away any negative thoughts that entered my mind and accomplished it! I traveled quite a bit and worked on being open and live the moment. I successfully was able not to over analyze situations and just enjoy each experience.

Are you thankful for anything in particular?

Many of us are so blessed and we take this for granted. We allowed petty situations to blind us of this. We don't take time out to reflect and acknowledge how very lucky we are. I'm so very thankful for all the opportunities that have presented to me, my family, my health, my friends and my relentless heart and vision.

What sudden changes did you encounter?

Although we wish everything was peachy, life has it's way of surprising us with challenges. For me this year was the announcement that my current employer will be moving to another state. Although an advocate for change this was one that I was not expecting so soon and so fast. So I'm faced with searching for a new opportunity next year or maybe not? :) Just kidding, girl has bills to pay! What about you?

Did you have any great moments in 2019?

I certainly did! Yes, many! from participating in a family picnic which I enjoyed immensely, to attending my first polo match (yes never been to one), to being blessed with traveling to the Caribbean not once but two times, visiting my parents three times in Florida, dog siting Verdel (mom's dog) for a whole month, attending a musical with my godson for the first time (Beetlejuice - great show), Cape May bonding trip with my beautiful niece Vanessa, many family/friends' events and outings, participating in many work events, fun successful Roya events with my associate Louise, having my sisters surprise me by attending several of these events and most importantly spending some alone time with my mom and dad. What were your great moments, think hard. I'm sure you had many!

Did you learn anything new?

I am a firm believer that we never stop learning. This year I learned to be even more understanding, forgiving and thankful. I learned that you can't change people or some circumstances. What did you learn this year?

How will you use your skills/talents in 2020?

I have so many different ideas in my head! Maybe this is why some nights I wake up in the middle of the night, grab my notebook and write a thought, idea or dream. I definitely want to continue serving and helping others as much as I am able.

Remember to reflect in 2019, plan for 2020 but most importantly remember to enjoy every second of every day. Don't get so bugged down with planning so far ahead that you forget to live and enjoy your family and friends.

Diana S.