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I Love The Scent Of Fresh Coffee In The Morning

There is something wonderful about the beginning of each day. When you wake up infused with the aroma of life. The open mindset about what is to unfold on this new day. Everything seems fresh when you have the right thoughts, intensions and openness.

You wake up with arms wide open welcoming what is yet to be. Not really sure of what that "to be" will be but comfortable knowing that it will be well received. When we start each day with positive intentions everything seems fresh....new. When your heart is filled with love, true love, for life, someone or something, it fills you up like nothing else. It makes you want to curl up between the sheets and savor the moment. The savor of a brand-new day.

Tomorrow, when you wake up in the morning, take a moment and take in that smile, scent or light that greets you in the morning. Does your heart smile when you see it? Do you want the wings of love to envelope you to the extent that you don't want to let go? Try it and let your heart be your guide.

I love the scent of fresh coffee in the morning.