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Make Your Mark

The passion inside us helps us to get through the most challenging moments in our life. This passion may be the job of our dreams, a business venture, the partner of our dreams or the love we have to help others succeed in any facet of their lives. Life will challenge us time and time again. It's up to us to wake up every morning and choose. Choose to face a certain difficulty head on and push through or lay down our sword and stop fighting. Yes, it is easier said than done. The power of faith will help you through. The hope that "this too shall pass". The desire to enjoy life to it's fullest and not allow negativity to fill your mind and break you down. We have one life -- stay close to those that love and support you. Celebrate others successes and help those in need of an inspiring word or simply a kind gesture. After all, this is your ONE life - Make Your Mark. ~ Diana