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The purpose of my trip was to see my schoolmates after over 20 years and attend a reunion, but deep inside I needed time for me. So, I packed my suitcase and left from New York to Armenia Colombia. Some of the ladies in the group I did not know very well. However, when I arrived I was received with a warm welcome and many sincere hugs. I thought they did not remember me, and I was happily surprised.

It was a beautiful gathering, I thank God for giving me the opportunity of going on this trip and also my husband, who has been my companion and support in this path that I'm intending to change and enjoy, not because things were bad, but because I didn't know what I liked or wanted. I was also able to enjoy my uncle's company with whom I have really never spoken to. It was interesting sharing different topics with him and I also noticed a big change in him. I enjoyed my time with him. I returned to New York full of energy, gratefulness and seeing everything with an optimistic and beautiful view. As it is, I feel very blessed. I hope to do this again.

~~ Adriana