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My Own ~The Long Trail ~273 Miles From Vermont To Canada

Tracy Reed, Sr. Global Facilities Manager at IAC Applications, completed a goal she had, to successfully finish a 32-day 273 Mile hike from Vermont to Canada on her own. The long trail goes from the border of MA/Vermont to the Canadian border with an overall 63,000 ft elevation gain. She shared her story with us to inspire other women thinking about hiking on their own. She thanks everyone who provided love and support during her time on the trail. Specifically, the folks she met on the trail and provided support during times when she did not think she wanted to continue. Among all the things she learned during the trip, she learned that people care and that we are each other’s most valuable resource. "Love is abundant." When asked what she found out about herself in these 32 days out in the woods, she replied that she discovered "You are so much capable of doing things than you could ever imagine as possible." Tracy feels blessed to have been given the opportunity to complete this goal and grateful for her body cooperating. "It was an experience of a lifetime and just one adventure of many that she hopes to embark on." @trayontrail