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Leading & Serving Others (LASO)

A Lotus' Journey to Enlightenment

Ever since, she was a child, Michelle B. Whitney, connected with Spirit through visions, dreams and more. Leaning on the guidance and protection of Spirit led her to the Path of Enlightenment.

After, more than a decade of reading Tarot Cards and Interpreting Dreams, Michelle decided to start her own business. Tarot and Dream Interpretation provided insight and guidance but it wasn't the only thing that had helped her along her path; she discovered another gift she held, Energy Healing.

Spirit led Michelle to the Japanese Technique of Reiki. The energy healing of Reiki has shown to improve the overall wellbeing of the mind, body and soul. It aides in stress, anxiety, mental, physical, spiritual discomfort, dis-ease and more.

In March 2018, Michelle became a Certified Reiki Practitioner after receiving the necessary attunements and completing courses in Reiki 1 & 2 training level of the Usui/Tibetan system of healing. The service of Energy Healing was then added to the business, started earlier that same year.

The business name, Purple Lotus Zen has deep meaning to Michelle. The color "Purple" is highly associated with spirituality. The "Lotus" flower often represents resilience. The word "Zen" often means peace.

Having overcome personal hardships and difficulties in her own life, it's no surprise she'd choose to create the business name, Purple Lotus Zen. Offering services in the gifts bestowed upon her by Spirit in Psychic Mediumship, Intuitive Card Reading, Dream Interpretation and Energy Healing.

Michelle B. Whitney is a Registered Professional Member of the International Association of Reiki Professionals. She resides in her hometown City of Yonkers, New York with her husband and daughter.

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Call/Text: (914) 513-8398


Services provided in-person, remotely, and virtually by appointment only.


Updated: Nov 5, 2022

Leading & Serving Others (LASO)

Reyna Gonzalez, 200 RYT (Registered Yoga Teacher), has joyfully been introducing people of all ages to the benefits of yoga since 1998. Reyna discovered yoga back in high school and enjoyed the stretching and balancing poses that helped her enhance her basketball and tennis skills.

Years later as a mother, Reyna turned to yoga for a gentle way of getting back into shape and learned that yoga was much more than exercise. The practice of yoga includes pranayama (breathing techniques) and meditation which were both instrumental in helping her cope with the challenges of motherhood.

She was inspired to deepen her knowledge of yoga and embarked on a teacher training. Reyna did not intend to become a teacher, but the more she learned about yoga, the more she was drawn to the idea of sharing the benefits of yoga with others. Reyna combines the “pearls of wisdom” that she has learned from a variety of teachers from different styles of yoga to address the various needs of all students. Her greatest joy as a teacher is helping students find their own alignment in poses that will facilitate movement, breathing and a sense of calm and wellbeing.

These days, Reyna teaches yoga on Zoom every Sunday at 10:00 AM. Feel free to contact her at 914-760-3408 for more information.


Updated: Nov 5, 2022

Leading & Serving Others (LASO)

Ms. Yudelka Ebneter, Attorney at Law, was born and raised in the Dominican Republic.

She moved to the US at the age of 20 and continued to pursue her dream of becoming an attorney.

She is a graduate of Montclair State University and St. John’s School of Law. She has dedicated her legal career to the practice of public interest law. She is presently employed as a Deputy Attorney General for the State of New Jersey.

For the past 14 years she has provided broad representation for New Jersey state agencies and licensing boards. She is currently assigned to the Professional Boards Prosecution Section where she prosecutes disciplinary actions against licensed professionals.

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